The latest FPS games will be present in Indonesia

      Finally Gemscool (Creon) fulfilled his promise that's been rumored before. Although a little late from the original plan, finally today, 7 may 2015 Gemscool news announced that turned out to be a First Person Shooter games (FPS). This Is The Black Squad Online.

      The black Squad is an Online FPS game developed by NS Studio, one of the studio's offshoot of Neowiz Games. It is said the game was perfect, because this game requires more development time than three years with development costs US $ 20 million. Reportedly, there have been many online sellers who are interested in this game, he brought to Indonesia. But finally, with Neowiz Creon as a partner due to see a track record of success that is considered making the Creon Point Blank as the FPS number one in Indonesia.

To date, not yet officially confirm Gemscool when the service Black Squad Online will begin to open. The presence of the Black Squad Online this will certainly add to the heat of competition FPS games in Indonesia, given the previous Qeon Interactive also prepared a Final Bullet, and also the Lyto is rumored to be bringing Phantomers to Indonesia. In addition to the Black Squad Online, Gemscool themselves are also preparing a new online game called Echo of Soul.

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