G-land Transportation

Overland via our minibus ( included in the packaged price )
your trip to G-land departs from Bali in the evening. A comfortable air-conditioned minibus with pick you up and travel through the night, arriving at G-land right on time for an early breakfast. Total trip time is approximately 8 hours.

Faste boat ( not included in the packaged price sold separately )
Your trip G-land departs from German Beach next to Kuta Reef early in the morning ( the overland transport left that night before ). Our 14 meter, triple 250 HP, 4-stroke powered fast boat has a specially re-designed hull for this crossing and loaded with full marine instrumentation, an on-board toilet, comfortable seating, and drinks and snacks. You'all arrive into camp fresh and energized, just in time for breakfast. The total trip time is approxomately 2 hours.

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