G-Land The First Surf Camp


It was around 1972 that G-Land’s surf potential was discovered. And it was two of the first surfers to come here, brothers Bill and Mike Boyum who spawned the idea of a surf camp. Mesmerized by G-Land‘s set-up from their first trips, a deep connection formed and the desire to make their jungle camping experience established materialized in 1976.

It’s arguable that this was the first surf camp ever created. A Balinese friend of the brothers named Nyoman “Bobby” Radiasa was part of the adventure from the beginning. Since 1982, Bobby has owned and operated the camp, continually making refinements and upgrades to the facilities. His operational vision focuses on keeping the original dream a reality, but with more comfort and safety than before. Form more than 30 years the G-Land experience of great friends, great food, friendly service and of course wave riding bliss continues.

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