International Transshipment


[Bali Airport Service Agent]Willing to relay Bali as your cargo HUB for Indonesian and Australian market? Then we are the right partner for you. As a pioneer and market leader in providing transshipment accommodation in Indonesia, our excellence service for both international and domestic have been relayed by major airlines and cargo agent worldwide.

International Transshipment :
No matter your cargo destination. Wether to Australia or Timor Leste, we have most efficient transit time. With more flight and destination to Australia and Timor Leste, you have have flexible choice

Customs Requirement

1. International transshipment must passing through customs transit clearance formalities.
2. Transshipment with through airway bill, airport of destination column must be stated as last destination.
3. Transshipment that require to change airway bill at Denpasar, final destination must be Denpasar and remark must be insert in Handling Information column such as “Transshipment air cargo,  final destination ..........”

Transshipment Schedule

Flight schedule revert to airline time table.

Reservation must state clearly
1. Flight number and date of arrival
2. Number of pieces, and weight
3. Dimension Detail
3. Commodity
4. Any handling information and special load, DGR, etc

A confirmation email will be sent to sender and copies party within 12 hours
Cancellation of reservation must be made at least 12 hours prior Schedule Time Departure

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