Children Travelling Alone


[Children Travelling Alone] Don't worry if you have a children at least five years old but less than twelve years old that need to travelling alone via airplane, we can provide you a VIP Handling Service for Children Travelling Alone so you don't need to worry about his/her safety. We will make sure your children to board the aircraft in safe and smooth manner, the carriage will be accepted after completing service procedures.

Applicable Flights
We offer Children Travelling Alone service to children whose itinerary involves domestic or international or non-stop flights for any airline.

During the time of travel at the airport, you will help your child to check in and drop off baggage and remember to present a valid ID at check-in regardless of destination and you can remain at the airport until the flight has departed. Our staff will help your child through security control to the gate and onboard the flight. Once your child onboard, our staff will help your child find his or her seat, take care of your child throughout the flight and help your child off the plane upon arrival. Contact staff at the airport so that they can help you with all the formalities. On the time of arrival, you cannot meet your child outside the aircraft. Our staff will meet your child at the aircraft, take care of any possible baggage and go through customs and passport control. They will then leave the child with the contact person (an adult who is stated in the handling document). In order to confirm it is the right person, a valid ID card is required for the person meeting your child. If there is a delay at the flight, your child will get special attention and assistance. We will ensure that you as parents receive an updated information on possible changes in the trip. Your child will never be left unattended.

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