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G-Land or Plengkung Beach, is a beach located in the National Park Alas Purwo, Banyuwangi regency, East Java. Plengkung beach can be reached during the half-day road trip from Bali. Plengkung beach can also be reached by chartered boat from kuta, Bali.

In 1972, a group of surfers from the United States, conducted an expedition to the coast towards Plengkung. This expedition was followed by 8 groups of surfers. The three of them set off with a rented boat while the other 5 groups overland. Group to travel overland to arrive in the village Grajagan. From a distance they Grajagan 20 Km again to arrive at Plengkung way down the coastal waters using a surfboard. After skipping the hard drive and lack of clean water (fresh water they collect rain water when it rains and the boat stuck on the screen), the group put on a rented boat landing directly in Plengkung. Shortly after arriving they set up a base camp for the purpose of reviewing surf spots. They exist in Plengkung for 10 days.
A surfer named Mike Boyum later helped establish a first surf camp in Plengkung. Surf Camp was eventually taken over by a Balinese surfer named Bobby Radiasa at the end of the decade of the 70s until now. Inspired by surf camp belonging Boyum / Bobby, another Surf camp was opened in Plengkung. They include the G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp


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